International Opportunities in Atlanta with i-House


I-House is a launching pad for cultural exchange. With half the residents living in i-House as exchange students from partner universities and the other half as degree-seeking GT students, students are able to immerse themselves in a unique cultural exchange. International students and scholars hail from more than 110 countries. Talk to them, listen to them, share your culture with them!  

Atlanta and the surrounding metro areas allow students to travel the world and take advantage of the numerous resources and opportunities just a short MARTA ride away.

Our students living in the i-House have taken part in a wide array of cultural activities in the past few years. i-Culture events included visiting the High Museum of Arts, Fox Theatre Shows, the Coca Cola Museum, the Center for Civil and Human Rights, and more! Different excursions like local football and soccer games, intramural sports, or visits to Top Golf, have been a true highlight for the i-Sports team. Atlanta is now home to the professional franchises for five major team sports, including the international favorite sport: Major League Soccer, Atlanta United FC.

Food, a strong element of culture, is something you'll find shared and discussed constantly within the i-house community! The i-Food committee is known for taking trips to Buford Highway to find the best Szechuan, Korean, or Mexican food in metro Atlanta. There's also tailgates, Sunday brunch, and themed food nights (Ethiopian, Indian, Spanish, Indonesian, anyone else getting hungry?) for the whole community to enjoy at the residence hall!

i-Musique and i-Film often collaborate with the other committees to hold awesome events! Ever been to a Bluegrass Festival or are concerts at Dad's Garage or the Masquerade something you'd like to experience? Anything from outside concerts to international karaoke night in the lounge area, there are so many different opportunities! Nothing better than decorating for a theme night, ordering some food, and watching some international movies!