Welcome to I-House

I-House is a vibrant undergraduate Living Learning Community of world cultures, international outreach, foreign affairs, and enthusiastic students committed to how the world works beyond campus.  I-House residents plan and host numerous events related to international outreach, literature, film, cuisine, sports, cultures, and languages.

The I-House Spring 2021 Application is now taking waitlist applications. 

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Who are we?

When you envisioned yourself at college, did you imagine a world of ideas, cultural activities, and vibrant new horizons that extended well beyond the classroom? Do you want to live with adventurous, diverse, and inquisitive students from around the globe?  If you answered YES  to these questions, then the I-House may be the place for you.

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Apply Now!

Depending on your status as a student, you're application to the I-House will vary. Click the link below to learn more about the application and dates, and to get started!

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Take a look

Interested in seeing some of the best highlights from past I-House cohorts? Scroll through our gallery and see if you can picture yourself as a member of the community!

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