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Hayes and Gray Houses


grays.gifhayes.gifPerry Hall Bedroom

The I-House LLC calls Hayes House and Gray House home, a few minutes walking from Bobby Dodd Stadium and the center of campus! Our community is located on all the floors of the two connected houses. Only International House students live in this residence hall, which allows students to belong to a true community where they know everyone and share a common interest.The International house faculty and staff are also a fundamental part of the community and are available to meet with students regularly. The Faculty Director also holds regular office hours in first floor common spaces, which are designed for openness and collaboration.

The first floor common spaces, which are designed for openness and collaboration, has four lounge areas and two full kitchens. Students use all the common areas frequently and they are rarely empty during the academic year.       


Community Spaces

Projector Room

-        An I-House gathering space

-        Named after the large projector students use for film nights

-        Includes couch space and tables to accommodate 20+ students

-        Bookcase with board games and books donated by students

-        Power strips and chargers available for students to use in the space


Flag Room

-        Large tables used for studying

-        Large white boards for studying

-        Flags painted on ceiling tiles for each student that wants to represent their nationality

Music Lounge

-        Couches for the common space, round tables, study chairs

-        Keyboard, guitars

-        Shelf with irons and ironing boards for student-use

Printer Room

-        Couches for the common space, round tables, study chairs

-        3D printer and ink printer

Hayes & Gray Kitchens

-        Two full kitchens with dishwasher, stove/oven, and two full fridges

-        12 plastic bins for residents per kitchen

-        Shelves for kitchen appliances and the bins

-        Community cookware, kitchenware, and appliances (rice cookers, tea kettles, crock pots, blenders)