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FAQ Applicants


If I am not accepted to live in the IHouse, what are my alternatives?

Due to large amounts of applications, not all students who apply to live in I-House can be offered a spot. If you are an exchange student who will be at Tech for the Academic year (2 semesters) or a full-timee student, you may apply to live at other GT residences, or may live off campus. If you do not get a spot in the I-House, you may apply to live elsewhere on campus. Please go to to apply. If you are an exchange student who will only be at Georgia Tech for the spring or fall semester (1 semester only), you may apply to live elsewhere on campus if the space exists. Please understand this is not guaranteed. Please email if you want to request other on-campus housing. 

If I am a full-time student currently living in IHouse, do I need to reapply for next fall/the next academic year?

Yes! In fact, there are separate applications for full-time students who are returning to IHouse and full time students who have never lived in IHouse. This is to get an idea of how you have been impacted by IHouse, as well as the role you played in the community in the past.  

Do I need to reapply for the IHouse in the spring if I am accepted for the fall?

No! If you are accepted for the fall semester, you do not have to reapply for the spring semester. 

Are there any expectations I have to meet in order to live in IHouse?

Yes! Students living in IHouse are expected to be a part of at least one committee and participate in at least 8 events throughout the semester! Participation in the regular coffee hours is also expected. These expectations are in place to help all of the students get the most possible out of the their time at IHouse and encourage a wider sense of community!



FAQ Current Residents

What is the link to the form that I need to fill out for reimbursements?

Here's the link for this reimbursements in fall 2019: Once you have completed and submitted the form, tape any receipts from the event to a piece of paper with your name, GTID#, and email. Either scan them and email them to, or bring them to Kelci in person at the OIE. 

What is the limit on money spent per person for the different meals?

Students can spend a maximum of $7 per person for breakfast, $9 per person for lunch, and $20 per person for dinner. 

How far ahead should an event be planned?

If you're a student employee (or you've received a pay check from Georgia Tech in the past twelve months), the reimbursement process is likely to occur much more quickly. After filling out the regular reimbursement form and selecting that you are a student employee, if the request for reimbursement is approved, you will be instructed on how to carry out the reimbursement in TechWorks. 

Can students be subsidized for an event?

IHouse committee funds cannot be used to pay for a portion of tickets or a large purchase. For example, committee funds could not be used to cover half of a $50 ticket while the students pay the remaining $25. 



FAQ Tips

#1: The Kitchens

IHouse has two kitchens, both of which have two refrigerators with freezers, cabinets, and shelves for food storage. There's plenty of space but make sure to label what's yours so it doesn't get taken! There are also communal kitchen supplies, such as pots and pans, which are found in clearly labeled areas in each kitchen. Be sure to check out what communal items we have before shopping for your own! Just be aware that if you're going to to use the shared kitchen items, be sure to always keep them clean and return them to where they belong. 

#2: Get Involved!

Tech is home to so many student organizations and clubs that there's bound to be something you're interested in! While the IHouse committees will sponsor plenty of events and bring you closer to so many people, lots of IHousers in the past have joined everything from sports teams to robotics clubs to really maximize their time here. Check out this link for the comprehensive list:

#3: Keep it Clean!

It's super important that we keep our community clean! When we all do our part to clean after committee events or make sure to do our dishes and clean the counters, we create a healthier space, and prevent disagreements from happening.